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Xpert ‘Lifestyle’ Support

Just a quick October shout out from Jules. The end of the year is fast approaching and I hope, with the world opening up, that this will also mean an opportunity to spend some leisure time on the beach. If the COVID lock-down has driven you, as it did me,- to the fridge for nibbles, then the following courses may be of huge benefit. For a free health overview, email Jules on health@live2ahundred.co.za, and request your questionnaire. Fill it in and send it back to me and I will assess your present health status.

It goes without saying though, to become an ‘Xpert’ in anything, we need to invest time. This includes becoming an expert in our own health, as well as any lifestyle skills we may wish to up-skill.

Books, courses and other valuable self-help material will be available here.

Weight Loss and Health Courses

  1. Belly fat and the number one fat making hormone, Insulin. This course is free.
  2. Getting the body you want by understanding the body you have: Click course curriculum for more detail.
  3. Fundamentals in Depression: Click Course curriculum for more detail.

Book for self improvement

  1. Ignite her Fire:

‘Ignite Her Fire’ is for all men looking to fully understand what women like in the bedroom and how, exactly, to satisfy each woman.