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Anti ageing assistance-Bursting with Health
Bursting with Health

Aging is inevitable but how we experience this process does not have to be uncomfortable or traumatic.

There are factors that we experience in our lives that may either accelerate or slow the ageing process and these factors are very much within our control.


  1. Poor diet high in sugars and starches.  Insulin and insulin resistance are dramatic accelerators of ageing.  Glycation within the cells, when sugar attaches to proteins and fats, damages the cell membranes, leading to accelerated ageing. Accelerated ageing is not just about cosmetic appearance.  It is also about the health and longevity of our organs and our future risks of becoming ill or recovering from illness.
  2. Low nutrient intake.  For cellular health, the body requires a delicate mix of essential vitamins and minerals, without which the cell function gradually diminishes.  In much the same way your car performance diminishes with no servicing and low grade fuel.
  3. Excessive physical activity
  4. Exposure to environmental toxins and persistent organic pollutants.
  5. Alcohol intake
  6. Stress
  7. Free radicals
  8. Systemic Inflammation
  9. Non-communicable disease such as diabetes and heart disease, brought on by a combination of genetic susceptibility and poor diet and lifestyle choices.

Aside from the physical damage associated with ageing, there is also a substantial cost to be considered. If we can slow the ageing process we will be able to have less days off work, work productively for longer and reduce the drain on the economy because we will reduce our demand for medical assistance.


How can we slow down ageing?

Anti Ageing Assistance-Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating
  1. Nutrient dense food
  2. Low calorie intake
  3. Intermittent fasting
  4. Nutrients and supplements
  5. Appropriate exercise and activity
  6. Reduce stress
  7. Balance hormones
  8. Optimise gene profiles

Consult with a health professional who is knowledgeable in working with the above guidelines, within your unique lifestyle. No single modality, applied in isolation, will have the same benefit as a combination of them all.  Treating symptoms, without treating the cause of the imbalance, will not affect the rate of aging in any way at all and in fact, many pharmaceuticals rob the body of essential nutrients and accelerate the ageing process.  When pharmaceuticals are necessary, it is also essential to replace the vitamins and minerals that are depleted while on the drug regime.  Qualified health professionals who understand Functional Medicine as well as nutrition, will be able to assist you to recognise and mitigate the damage.

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