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The first thing you need to know about genetic SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) is that we all have them, and we all have different genetic combinations. Your genetic sequence is essentially a map of instruction: that is, the code for how your body is supposed to work. No one (except identical twins) has the same DNA and even identical twins have different expression of the DNA.

Your DNA can’t do anything by itself. It needs a messenger to take the information encoded in your Nuclear DNA, out of the  nucleus, to where the body can manufacture what it needs. The body copies the DNA sequence into the usable RNA, through a process called transcription. The RNA is what you actually use. The RNA carries the map to make the enzymes and proteins and hormones. These enzymes and hormones are the workers and messengers of all biochemical reactions that happen in all biochemical pathways.


Gene Screening


  1. Is non-diagnostic for any disease and is not a paternity test.

2. Can provide some insight into the inherited tendencies

3. Could be useful in helping to construct and guide individualized nutritional protocols


A SNP contains a nucleotide variant. The nucleotide variant could be good, bad, or neutral depending upon the context.


The point is: a genetic SNP variation may positively affect one outcome but negatively affect another.


Factors that influence gene expression are referred to as “epigenetic” factors. These factors not only include the foods we eat and our lifestyle habits, but also the foods ‘our parents and even grandparents’ ate and their lifestyle habits.  Even our attitudes and thoughts are epigenetic factors.


So a gene SNP is not an indicator that you will get cancer, for example.  It is but one player in a mix of many, that either increases or decreases your risks for any condition.


The benefit of knowing and understanding the impact of your SNP’s is to give you direction in both diet and other lifestyle factors, that may assist your body to manage risks more efficiently, as well as show us where we can allow ‘cheats’.


Similarly, NOT having a gene SNP does not mean you are assured of not getting a particular disease. Enzymes also require co- factors to work properly so there are no guarantees, and the body is a complex mix of gene, lifestyle and diet influences. Even establishing your Gene SNP’s and following guidelines is no firm assurance that you will remain disease free. The poor diet and constant exposure to carcinogens of your grandparents, for example, may increase your risks of cancer regardless of your gene SNP profile.


Always discuss your findings with your primary practitioner as well as conduct your own research.  Science is finding out new information at a very fast rate and what is considered true at one time, may be found to be inadequate at a later time.

Your Gene summary does not and should not be used to treat, diagnose or cure any conditions, but is rather for informational and educational purposes alone. The body is very complex and you should not be making any medical decisions based on the information contained in the profile document and should speak to your doctor before taking any actions that pertain to your health or any condition you may have.

Your gene profile is a document that aims to group SNPs regarding certain health categories. The information should not be viewed as a diagnosis for any medical decisions.

Julie Allen Rowland is a Functional Medicine Practitioner specializing in nutrigenomic information and not a medical doctor. Her role is to inform you, not to diagnose or treat you.

Information on your report is gathered from many sources, believed correct at the time. Information is changing all the time and conclusions may change accordingly.  All discussion, conclusions and opinions should be referred to an informed medical practitioner to diagnose or treat any medical conditions,  The gene SNP’s merely look at associations with chronic disease and are in no way confirmation that you will get the condition.  As mentioned, Gene SNP’s are influenced by Epigenetics and lifestyle.

The actual report may be confusing and all possible effort will be made, in the accompanying consult, to explain and eliminate confusion.  When you receive your report, please go through it ahead of the consultation time to highlight any areas where you may be uncertain as to impact or meaning.

Remember the presence of a RISK for a particular condition, does not mean that your will get the condition. Knowledge is power and learning where to target your attention is a step towards continued vital longevity.


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