Working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner

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Working with Functional Medicine-The Web
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Are you tired of feeling below par and not knowing where to turn for help?  We, at Live2ahundred, have a Functional Medicine Practitioner, and a traditional doctor,  specialising in all aspects of the personalised management of regaining health, longevity, stress  as it relates to impact on health.

Health advice and feeling good about ourselves, is not a ‘one size fits all’.  Each person is completely different, with a different genetic make-up and different habits, as well as different likes and dislikes.
At Live2ahundred we are dedicated to evaluating and changing ‘your’ health profile from a fundamental lifestyle perspective and we will project manage all aspects of your move towards vibrant health, as well as how you look.  Each person is viewed as an individual and guidelines are based on achieving your desired outcome.

Consultations and Evaluations include:
1. Your present health status
2. Your present Stress status
3. Evaluation of your individual dietary habits
4. Evaluation of Lifestyle habits. What can stay and what must change
5. Cellular health with regard to vitamin and mineral status
6. Exercise for your personal lifestyle
7. We prioritise necessary changes, specifically for YOU.
8. Step by step approach.
9. Practical household dietary and toxin clean out
10. Small changes that make big differences
11. How to involve your family
12. Regular follow up.
13. Minimising risks of the big 5.  Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease, Stroke, Osteoporosis
14. How to work with necessary medications to increase benefit and minimise side effects.
15. Gene profiling to look into the inherited risks.

We will offer you the support and advice you need to turn your health around, both face to face in consultation, but also, for those out of towners, through skype,  in the privacy of your own home. We will give you all the tools you need to make these changes and assist you with regular follow-up contact to assess your progress every step along the way.

Vibrant health includes the interplay between the genes we inherit, the food we eat, the activities we perform and our levels of stress.

Working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner
Good Food

Often we know something is wrong because in spite of regular medical attention, we just feel poorly .  We have tried all avenues and no longer know where to turn. We are bombarded with information but have no way of knowing what is useful and what will waste our time and money.

Our team at Live2ahundred, will assess your present health status comprehensively and then assist you on the step by step road towards longevity and vibrancy. Of primary importance are:
– Diet and Exercise Management
– Stress
– Aesthetics

We also address alcohol addictions or social drinking challenges.


At Live2ahundred, we are all family.

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