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  1. Ignite Her Fire;

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Ignite Her Fire is for all men looking to fully understand what women like in the bedroom and how, exactly, to satisfy each woman. Being a great lover is more than just knowing which button to press with your already exercised and super- fast mouse-click finger. It’s about being a man who women want to talk to, want to spend time with, find attractive and of course, want to get naked with. It’s about creating a saleable package and a quality finish . It’s about becoming an altogether scrumptious and delectable man. One that women will beat a path to get their teeth into.

While the finer details with each woman are different, there are universal guidelines that will please every woman you have your sights on. The collective insight of over 80 women who contributed to compiling this book, will give you a fool-proof ‘modus operandi’ to increase your relationship and bedroom success.

This book is for:
• Men who want the edge. Who want to stand out from the crowd.
• Men who want a quality woman and are willing to re-invent themselves to reflect that quality.
• Men who are inexperienced in the bedroom and who wish to learn the skills before they make mistakes.
• Men who have experience but want to improve their track record.
• Men who feel unattractive and want to ‘polish the package’.

And of course, this book is for each woman who wants to enjoy tooth grindingly delicious sex with her man, and wants to tweak his skill.

Women are all different but there are certain skills and tricks that every man, whether he is drop dead gorgeous or ordinary (like most of us), can learn and practice. Skills that will substantially increase his success rate in drawing the attention of women, and keeping them looking his way. Confidence is a big attraction but being confident is only helpful if what you feel confident about is specifically what works for women. Ignite Her Fire will give you a step by step, point by point road map of how to do this.

Addressed in the book:

  • Hygiene habits that are important to women
  • Dress style: to enhance your masculinity
  • Good listening tips and how to direct conversation
  • How to be interesting when sharing your own information and pique her interest
  • How to create a space women find pleasing
  • How to kiss her till she melts
  • How to arouse her so she is wet and ready
  • Bedroom skills that she will love; What to do and how to do it
  • The toy box and other fringe practices
  • Understanding her moods and her hormones
  • Personal habits to polish
    And more.

Ignite Her Fire is about polishing yourself as an individual, in ways that will not only improve your skill with women and get women looking your way, but offer changes that will also spill into other areas of your life, for example, improving non sexual relationships by helping you become a better conversationalist.
It is about creating a man who stands out so women will find you classy, polished, intriguing, masculine, sexy and a legend in the bedroom.

Where Did I Leave My Keys? How to keep your brain sharp as you age.

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It’s bad enough when you forget where you left your keys and have to run around frantically looking for them… or when you put the biscuits in the fridge and the butter in the pantry (I have done this). But what about dementia and Alzheimer’s?  These are terrifying diagnoses and yet we do not tie together a lifestyle that damages the precious neurons, with the diagnosis.

For many of us, all we will have to contend with is poor concentration and perhaps brain fog but even these are concerning when you notice they are becoming more frequent. Perhaps we cannot balance so well and can no longer play the sport we love or we need to read a work document several times to get the gist.

Aging does NOT have to mean loss of function, and retaining cellular health, including nerve health, can be achieved, so that we can live well into old age with full mental and physical function.

Where did I leave my keys will show you how to do this… in a gentle, step by step way.  Application of the suggestions will show an early noticeable change and the steps are not difficult.  I have been at the point where you may be now… and my own brain has had a complete turnaround.

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