Re-Inventing Yourself

Need a complete new life? 

What happens when we are tired of who we are now?  We are unhappy about our body, exhausted always chasing money to no avail, or struggling with a disease that appears to be winning? We have been to psychologists and life coaches, tried affirmations, stuck photo’s of fat people on our fridge, written new year resolutions that we have stuck to for only 1 day.  We chase our tail every day, struggling to keep up with the demands of job and family and yet our life is not improving.  What is left for us to try that doesn’t cost a fortune and is scientifically credible?

Believe it or not we carry the tool to change our life with us every day.  Our brain!

Find out how to do this and enjoy using your first ‘Future Now’ move

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There are thousands of documented scientific tests that validate that conscious intention, in other words, what we deliberately focus our intention on, has a direct effect on our life and what is attracted into our life.

The most dramatic experiment was done in 1995 by Rene Peoch.  He wanted to see if day old chicks could influence a random event. He dressed a random event generator (REG) up as a mommy chicken and allowed the chicks to imprint with the machine when they hatched.  A REG is a machine that turns one way or another and will respond approximately 50% either way.  The more events in the random experiment, the more the machine will respond equally one way or the other.

Then they placed all the day old chicks down one side of a corridor and sent the machine down the corridor where the baby chicks could see it coming.  As the machine approached, the babies, imprinted with that machine as ‘mommy’, began to chirp and clamor for attention as long as they could see the machine.  They repeated the experience many times and found that in 75% of the cases the machine turned towards the clamoring chicks.

What this shows is that focused attention can affect the activity of an inanimate machine. If day old chicks can influence a machine, imagine what the developed human brain can influence if used properly. In fact, mainstream science has documented the concept that there is a 99.8% probability that our consciousness has a direct effect on our life. (Dr Larry Farwell, a Harvard trained physicist)

So what part of the brain played a role in getting us to where we are at present? How did this happen and what can we do to change it?

The Subconscious Brain

You may not realise that your unconscious mind is the primary driver of your whole reality as it is. It helps to determine how much money you earn, how healthy you are, how happy you are and what you believe to be true in your world.  It even affects things like whether you are a good sales person, husband, wife, mother, father.  Will you become addicted to food or alcohol? How you manage your job and whether you are liked or despised.

Your unconscious mind shapes and colours all your experiences in life and the great news is that we are able to influence and change the subconscious mind and in so doing, change the whole pathway of our lives towards more prosperous, happier, and more healthy.

As our brain, specifically our subconscious brain, was the major influence in getting us to where we are now,  we can use the same techniques to move into a completely different life. However, like anything, this is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced to achieve the full benefit. Understanding the workings of the subconscious mind and then applying the concepts, will help create a new future and a different reality to the one you have experienced up until now.

Does this sound like whoo hooo weirdness to you?  Let me explain how this happens and even more importantly, how we ourselves can change our very future by repeatedly and regularly, for a short time every day,  manipulating our brain waves and changing the focus of where we place our attention.

Every time we think, respond, speak, feel, remember, learn, move  or use our brain in any way, an electrical signal flows along the nerves, forming a pathway. As a capable adult we have developed millions of neural pathways and these have developed into patterns that allow us to quickly store and retrieve information,  as well as perform the many task we do automatically on a daily basis. Automatic responses are energy saving.  Having to think about how to drive, for example, would very soon exhaust our energy, so our brain develops, through repetition, a neuron pathway that becomes automatic and does not require thought.  The neurons in your brain fire electrical signals 24/7.  As you repeat activities and thoughts, these waves follow the same patterns until the neurons become hardwired to facilitate the repeated patterns. – A little like a path that is worn through the bush through repeated hiking.

These patterns reflect your thoughts, emotions, moods and even your biological chemistry.  They reflect what you do, what you think and indeed, who you are. . The Science of Mindfulness

This is good in many ways but attached to each of these regular and automatic pathways is also a cascade of the same hormone and neurotransmitter releases in the body.  This is great if the pathway is a positive one but what if the pathway triggers the release of excess cortisol or inhibits serotonin? If this is the case then the physical responses in the body, brought about by those neurotransmitters, may be detrimental when they flow day in and day out.  In this case the thoughts, patterns, habits and boundaries in our life remain the same, day in and day out and this prevents growth, not to mention ages us beyond our years

As you yourself have, through developing your own unique habits and thoughts,  created the hardwired neuron pattern, you yourself can undo these patterns, with a little effort, by creating new patterns . Future Now Movies can help you do this.

Specifically, the creation of a new neuronet will, over time, uncouple the neurons in the old net, (and inhibit the release of the accompanying reactive neurotransmitters and hormones) making it ineffective and allowing you to function with a whole new neuronet. (with a fresh combinations of hormones and neurotransmitters)

All of this is done at the level of the subconscious mind.  In fact, our subconscious mind does most of the work.

Busy Subconscious activity!

We each have a little bundle of nerves at the base of the brain called the Reticular Activating System.  Your RAS is tiny, but incredibly powerful.  It’s the “networking center” of your subconscious and it decides what to allow through the gate into your waking conscious mind.

The Reticular Activating System
How Your Brain Controls Your Attention

It filters over 40 million tiny bits of data that your subconscious mind is processing… every single second and allows only 40 of those bits to reach the conscious mind.  That is a very busy system indeed.

So how much information does it let you actively think about? Just 40 bits! This filtration system is subject to habit formation if you allow it.  In other words, it will repeatedly allow the same type of information to reach your conscious mind. So when you dwell again and again on the same thoughts, these thought begin to affect your actual physical state.

To establish new neuronets and allow the old patterns to uncouple, one needs to affect and influence what information is filtered from the RAS and the subconscious, into your conscious brain.

How do we begin to change how the subconscious mind affects our life?

We have all heard of affirmations.  The problem with affirmations, as many of us have experienced,  is that most of the time they do not work. This is because they are not being used correctly.  When we repeat an affirmation with our mind fully conscious, our analytical brain is able to dismiss that affirmation outright because usually we are making affirmations to try and change something we are presently experiencing.  So when we affirm, ‘I am slim and healthy’,  because we are ‘not’ presently slim and healthy but want to become that way, our thinking brain, the neocortex, overrides the affirmation because the thinking brain knows that at this time we are NOT slim and healthy. So we need to be sneaky and slip the affirmation into the subconscious part of the brain.

So we need to get a little sneaky.  We need to slip that affirmation into the subconscious part of the brain.


How do we do this?

We change the frequency of the brainwave and at the same time, we show it another option, reflecting the messages and visuals of what we are wanting the subconscious to ‘see’.  

A Little about Brain Waves

Different brain wave patterns  reflex different states of mental alertness and are associated with different parts of the brain.

  1. Beta 13-40Hz
  • Daily activities, conscious thoughts, conversations and active thoughts are performed in Beta.
  • Beta is associated with alertness, being awake, but also worries, fear, paranoia, anxiety anger and moodiness.
  • Too much beta weakens the immune system because it triggers the flow of cortisol, our stress hormone.

2. Alpha 7-13Hz

Meditation phase begins in Alpha • Mind Chatter calms

·         Great For Learning & Studying because it allows the mind to be more receptive. Creative Ideas Flow , Reverses Brain’s Aging ,  slows compulsions and Habits, Fears, Phobias diminish

·          Calm & Peaceful • First Layer Of Subconscious Mind •

·         Increased ability to Focus • Relaxation Begins • Calming Neurotransmitters are released ie. Serotonin • Endorphins • Good For Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Panic • Increased concentration • Happiness • Confidence .

·          Great for super learning. Improved memory

3. Theta 4-7Hz

  •        Deeper Meditation • close to Sleep • open to vivid dreams and images and creative visualization. Opens our mind to collective connections
  •        Allows subconscious problem solving • enhanced creativity •  Intuition • Inspiration  Trance state • GABA release • Stimulates immune system •
  •         Allows release of appropriate neurotransmitters ie Serotonin, Endorphins , Acetylcholine,  lowers Cortisol, Sleep Better
  •        Increased feeling of connection.  increased problem solving skills. Increased motivation.
  1. Delta0-4Hz
  • Deepest Meditation : Healing and beneficial. Associated With Deep, Dreamless Sleep. Unconscious To Super-Conscious Part Of The Mind.
  • Our healing happens at this level. Beneficial to Immune System , cellular renewal , increased longevity

Meditation is a very successful way of accessing Theta brain waves.

Meditation allows us to access the wealth of interesting data held in the subconscious. Meditation allows us to ‘Change our Brain”  literally… through the process of neurogenesis. Training the brain, using Beta or Theta waves, combined with images and affirmations, influences the subconscious, allowing the messages to access the brain and thus benefit the body.

But training the brain to generate neurons requires repetition and practice.

Training your brain, using theta or alpha brain waves and programming the subconscious by using images and affirmations that address the subconscious, has visible benefits in the body.

How to change your brain

A quote attributed to Henry Ford at the height of his success sums up visualization incredibly well: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t… you’re right.”  So we need to practice a new thought pattern in our daily life and cement this into our subconscious.

Why are Alpha and Theta brain waves so helpful?

Theta is a frequency that taps into the subconscious.  Why is this helpful?  Because when we wish to adopt a new idea, or an affirmation we hope will change a state we experience, in order for the mind to adopt that idea, we have to get the idea away from the conscious, analysing part of the brain and into the subconscious, non judgmental part.  Alpha and Theta wave patterns are where this happens.

This can be very helpful to us when we want to create a new reality.  Our neocortex generally does not like new ideas very much. It likes to be able to predict the outcome of a change.  Even wealth is a problem for the neocortex to accept because although it seems positive, the neocortex cannot predict how the outcome will impact your survival (the neocortex is all about survival) so it will reject the new idea as ‘foreign and risky’.  In fact, our brain is outright resistant to anything new, particularly if there is already a preconceived idea that we are already believing, so in order to sneak a new thought into the brain and for the brain to accept the new thought, we have to prepare the brain.

How do we do this?

Conscious affirmations are not successful at changing the subconscious for the obvious reason that conscious thoughts are ‘conscious’ and will have little impact on the ‘unconscious’ because the unconscious is hidden from view.  Just as Dory needed to speak whale to the whales, you need to communicate messages to the unconscious mind …. unconsciously.

Easier said than done.

The language of the unconscious mind is a subtle language of emotion and feeling. Product marketers know this very well.  They appeal to your ‘feelings’,  often fear, when they are wanting to get a message across.

In the same way, we can influence our subconscious to re-program our reality by offering it lots of positive and emotive stimulus that triggers feelings in us. Essentially, we want to broadcast a commercial that ‘sells you…to you’. For example, messages to you showing…..losing weight, eating healthy food, loving life as a slim person….. coupled with pictures and music to help change your brain waves to the more suggestible Theta waves, will have the same success as watching adverts that try and con you into feeling inadequate because you do not drive the right car, or wear Guess jeans. And whether we admit this or not, adverts have a very high success rate.

While we can accept that meditation and positive thoughts and specially directed affirmations and imagery will have success in assisting us in changing our lives, for most of us, the time needed to get into that meditation, as well as the focus required to keep our attention on the picture of the ‘new you’ without our mind shooting off in all directions, is beyond us.  This is where Future Now Movies come in.

Shortcut to your OWN  unique, subconscious message

‘Future Now Movies will create a unique movie for your unique challenge.  Each movie is custom constructed to reflect images and affirmations, with Theta or Alpha sound waves, that will depict the result you are wanting to create in your life. Future Now Movies  gives you the combination of a chosen wave of music that is either Alpha or Theta in wavelength that will access your subconscious, plus  visuals that represent images of the new state of being you wish to achieve, plus  affirmations that imprint the new state you wish to settle in your subconscious.

What replaying ‘Future Now Movies’  will do,  is recondition your subconscious to a new future, experienced in the mind NOW, as you watch your own movie. It sneaks the idea into the subconscious and bypasses the state of reality that the conscious mind is aware of.

During the time you are watching your unique Future Now Movie,  the music that accompanies the specially and personally designed movie, takes the message into the Theta or Alpha brain wave state.  These brain wave states reflect the subconscious mind and are thus allowed into the memories, ideas and habits that the subconscious mind stores.

Repeating these messages carves a new neuronet which, in turn, stimulates a whole new set of neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes until you become a completely different mix from the old you and because you now resonate at a different frequency, you attract the same towards you.

Common changes people want to facilitate:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Prosperity and Wealth
  3. Stress Free
  4. A loving Partner
  5. Travel
  6. A New Job
  7. Healing

How do I use my movie?

  1. Find a quiet moment. You only need 6 minutes. Preferably first thing in the morning and last thing at night. (remember to wear yellow glasses to cut the blue light at night time)
  2. Start the movie but close your eyes for the first run through. Listen to the music and take deep breaths. Visualise the night sky, as though you are looking out into inky black nothing. Focus on your breathing.  Listen to your own breathing and with your eyes closed, see the inky black of the night sky. Allow the music to flow through you.  Listen at least once to the whole music element of the movie .
  3. Open your eyes and start the movie again. Watch with no sense of judgment. You are looking at the future you. If you reach a part you particularly like, touch your heart with your hand and allow yourself to feel the joy and wonder you would be feeling if that moment was NOW.

Remember that in effect,  in a focused state, the brain does not know that it is NOT real. The brain cannot distinguish what is reality from what is imagined.  It is only when you allow your conscious neocortex to analyse the movie and TELL you it isn’t real, will the brain know it is a movie. So just allow the movie and sounds to wash over you with no analysis or judgment at all.  Just enjoy this movie of YOU as though the future is NOW.

Contact Kelly on to order your own personal Future Now Movie for any challenge you want to resolve.

For approx. the same price as a Pedi,  you will have your own, unique movie.  You can order as many as you wish, for as many challenges as you have.  Each movie is around 2.45 to 3 minutes and will contain pictures of you as well as images supporting what you wish to change.

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Stress has a huge impact on longevity, disease outcome, sleep, and well being. To gain full benefit of your first Future Now Movie, (click to full screen and turn audio on)

In Vitality





Quick Aside: We actually perform this rather mindless movie watching every time we watch TV.  We are repeatedly exposed to the horror, violence, negativity and unpleasantness with each episode of Game of Thrones and then we wonder why we feel road rage.

Choosing what we expose our own (and our children’s) subconscious to needs careful thought.  For a child, watching violence in cartoon form is still absorbed as violence and for our teenagers, playing war games on their computer steeps their subconscious in war and violence. We cannot really be surprised then if out teenagers treat us and others with aggression and disassociation. Advertising is the worst of insidious brain washing we are exposed to. We like to believe that we retain our free will but we do not realise that the more often we see a particular advert, the more it imprints on our brain.  Why else do you think advertisers will spend R1000’s for a billboard?  It is because they know that countless cars follow that route to and from work on a daily basis and the message drops into the subconscious of the drivers.  If a company manipulates the subconscious with their own message, why don’t we use the same process to drop a message we have created that will benefit us.

How easy is it to expose our subconscious only to what is loving and warm and connecting?

If you really want to achieve your Future Now goal then go on a media break and stay away from the news, movies depicting aggression or violence and even people who are negative and drag you down.  Expose your subconscious to you living a wonderful life, sleeping better, earning more money, being healthy, losing weight etc.


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