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Do you need a guest speaker at an event you are hosting? Nowadays, health is a relevant topic and ‘how-to’ lectures on integrative health allow for a participative involvement by the audience, to guide them through the minefield of taking control of their health. Jules has lectured on the following topics, at various corporate and private events such as Advtech, Neurobusiness Institute, Rotary, Hospice and various Women’s Days. Her primary interest is women’s health although many topics encompass the health of men as well.

  1. Understanding Belly Fat
  2. Insulin and mental acuity
  3. Breast health and cancer
  4. Genetics and risk of non-communicable disease
  5. Genetics and breast cancer
  6. Avoiding NHI
  7. Depression and neurotransmitter health
  8. Power of genetics
  9. Gut health and the microbiome
  10. How to lose weight
  11. Reducing pain
  12. Benefits of fasting and intermittent fasting

Jules has been on Radio Today with Tom London and has 3 full courses on the Udemy online university site.

  1. The following link is for a free course on the Udemy site:


2. This is a paid course:


Plus links to lectures on YouTube

To discuss your needs for a custom made presentation, or a fun, corporate workshop, please email me on;


OR: Whatsapp me on 084 770 5943

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