Course: Where Did I leave My Keys. How to keep your brain sharp as you age.

It’s bad enough when you forget where you left your keys and have to run around frantically looking for them… or when you put the biscuits in the fridge and the butter in the pantry (I have done this). But what about dementia and Alzheimer’s? These are terrifying diagnoses and yet we do not tie together a lifestyle that damages the precious neurons, with the diagnosis.

For many of us, all we will have to contend with is poor concentration and perhaps brain fog but even these are concerning when you notice they are becoming more frequent. Perhaps we cannot balance so well and can no longer play the sport we love.

Aging does NOT have to mean loss of function and retaining cellular health, including nerve health, can be achieved so that we can live well into old age with full mental and physical function.

Where did I leave my keys will show you how to do this… in a gentle, step by step way. Application of the suggestions will show an early noticeable change and the steps are not difficult. I have been at the point where you may be now… and my own brain has had a complete turnaround.

Health from the Inside