Skin Cleanup

These don’t respond so well.
These respond extremely well

Skin maintenance takes time and certainly, as we age, little bumps, tags, flat warts, moles and other interesting imperfections, begin to show at an increasing rate. There are small polishing techniques that we can use to keep aging at bay and at live2ahundred we can help improve the surface of your skin, with minimal discomfort and reasonable cost.

  1. Remove skin tags: These can be frozen, or burnt off with a tiny current. The result is successful and the discomfort minimal. Please note though, that if you are developing many skin tags, it is a good idea to have your blood sugar levels (HBA1C) checked as rising sugar imbalance, with seemingly no outward manifestation, goes hand in hand with skin tags.
  2. Remove red capillaries and those tiny red blisters. On the face, the removal of spider veins and red capillaries is very successful. The little blue ones don’t respond as well though but the little red blisters, regardless of where they are on the body, has a spectacular result. Red veins on the legs, however, while showing immediate improvement, does not hold and a few months later you may notice they return.
  3. Chemical peels. Regular, medium strength chemical peels are wonderful for resurfacing, without any down time. You may look a bit ‘rough’ for a few days but when the skuffiness comes off, the skin is noticeably smoother. Very open pores or thick, coarse skin, will need several stronger peels to see a benefit though.
  4. Derma-roller. While the sensation does need a pre-prep with topical anaesthetic cream, the result, over time, is remarkable. Diminished pores and plumper skin. I would recommend every 6 weeks for about 4 months and then every 2-3 months thereafter. The neck is particularly responsive, especially if we catch it before 60 years old.

Varicose veins are blue and lumpy and need more focused treatment.

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